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Crystal Stacker


An addictive puzzle Physics puzzle.Each level will add to your brain convolutions, be careful - do not become too clever)!Bored at the office, the classroom, on a date? - Solve puzzles.You can build a tower of any shape. The game, which will intercept breath and revitalize the brain.The task - to build without dropping blocks. Great workout for the brain and boredom killer.The game will be interesting for children.The game will be of interest to parents.It is not known who will be more intelligent children or adults ...Using all the blocks - Build a stable structure.In this game you are not limited by anything except your imagination.This exercise for the brain!In game three worlds, each of which has its own characteristics, will not be bored.Very addictive puzzle game.
In Game:- Intuitive, addictive gameplay- 75 exciting levels- 3 specific world- Relaxing atmosphere- Easy control
"Crystal Stacker" - a crazy game, Super Stacker! Super trainer for the brain.